MMC Group Holding is a private holding company established in 2009, in Beirut, Lebanon. The holding’s inception came to respond to the need to consolidate and lead an expanded shareholding portfolio of its companies, as they are witnessing growth. The group includes several companies, established by the shareholders and operating within the maritime and trading arenas, operations and administration services, technology, studies, and investment for the past 70 years. The holding’ scope was to re-organize and re-structure the activities of the companies owned in order to better serve and assist their clientele. At present, the Group is the sole or part owner of over 17 entities, which as well includes local and foreign companies associated with the group. MMC Group Holding is actively engaged in leading and directing the growth and expansion of each company within the group.

Who we are

MMC Group Holding SAL embraces diversity to build an effective team. We are a team of multilingual multidiscipline professionals dedicated to the success of our clients. Our team brings multiple knowledge with great experience ranging from maritime and trading fields to IT services and Insurance brokerage, Steel trading and manufacturing and staff management. Our Group holds multi-range companies to target our growing clientele from Shipping and logisitics to steel trading and manufacturing to IT services to Insurance to Staff management.

How we create value

As one of the fastest-growing holding companies, we aim to strive for excellence in all aspects of the business environment, including shipping, logistics, and trade, customer, and employee management, focusing on creating the perfect managing and logistical environment.  

Our Scope of Work

With over 70 years of experience in the maritime business and as one of the fastest-growing holding companies, MMC Group Holding’s ultimate functions towards the companies are to: 1. Manage all the business aspects of the cooperation 2. Lead the development and expansion 3. Guide policy-making and strategy development 4. Provide financial support

Our Mission

The Holding’s purpose is to support our business-affiliated companies with the level of excellence that will help them serve their clientele with state-of-the-art solutions. We are dedicated to delivering steady and profitable growth that generates consistent value to the maritime and trade sectors. We aim to guide the companies in maintaining a balanced portfolio, efficient value delivery, and smart risk mitigation management.

Our Vision

With constant provision of innovative and sustainable solutions, the Group shall be a global leader, which inspires the whole maritime and trading sectors into making things better.


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